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Safety Face Shield

Safety Face Shield, Anti-fog Body Fluids Spray Unisex Reusable Adjustable Transparent Full Face Safety Breathable Protective Visor Facial Cover Anti-Spitting Splash with Elastic Band and Sponge






  • This mask covers the area from the eyebrows to the chin and helps protect the eyes, nose and mouth from aerosols, sprays and splashes, and comprehensively protects the face.
  • [Lightweight and comfortable]-The mask is equipped with elastic band and sponge headband. The adjustable elastic band is suitable for various head sizes. The sponge headband is very soft and comfortable, suitable for long-term wearing.
  • [Anti-fog and anti-static]-High-quality optical and distortion-free 7mm polyester film. Anti-fog and anti-static coating. Clear for maximum visibility.
  • Powerful reusable mask-Double-sided anti-fog and anti-static process, waterproof and dustproof. No odor, light weight, super soft and highly breathable.
  • Tips:The protective mask is an auxiliary use, and it needs to cooperate with a mask to provide effective protection



Only used for daily protection, kitchen protection, isolation.

1. Keep the face, nose and lungs free of dust! Light weight, durable, can be cleaned repeatedly, bright, no fog.

2. Wind-proof, dust-proof and drip-proof protective mask.

3. The sun visor is easy to clean after use.

4. Good anti-fog function, clear vision.

5. With elastic headband, easy to adjust to fit habits, firm fit.


Safety Face Shield
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