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How COVID-19 is changing population mobility according to Google reports?

How COVID-19 is changing population mobility according to Google reports?.On April 3, 2020, Google released a set of reports on how COVID-19 is affecting mobility worldwide .The objective that Google pursues with these reports is to help health institutions and authorities understand and identify insights about how the population is moving in different countries as a result of the confinement we are subject to to contain the expansion of COVID-19 . Using aggregated and anonymous data from Google Maps, they are publishing relevant data on mobility issues starting today, with the aim of supporting public health strategies to combat the coronavirus pandemic. As we said. These reports are available for 121 countries , including Spain, and can be downloaded in PDF format. Since they are data from Google Maps and mobile devices, the type of trends in the movements of users that they detect are associated according to categories of places, such as shops, supermarkets, pharmacies or entertainment venues. The data comes not from all devices that use Google Maps, but only from those that have location history turned on. If we compare between countries , we can compare how the different countries are reducing mobility and observe how it differs or not from the directives that the different authorities of each country have taken. For example, we observe that Spain is the second country in the world most affected by COVID-19 after the United States, followed by Italy and Germany. Not everyone thinks that these two things ( computer security and COVID-19 ) have a lot to do with each other. Unfortunately, we can see many examples of confusion during this time, and a change in the workday leads to reckless decisions. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of this.

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