Tayana Global Ltd


Quality Control

We have most organised quality control department, we ensures that each our product sold is identical there will be no variations in performance.

Factory and Supplier Audits

We verify the legitimacy, trustworthiness and reliability of our suppliers/manufacturer to limit risk in our supply chain.

Supplier Management

We evaluate if the suppliers are performing as per the organizational requirements and identify areas of improvement while engaging with suppliers throughout their lifecycle


Tayana Global Lts is a healthcare technology consulting company in London, UK. As a team we have a vast experience in the healthcare sector, health tech consulting is in our DNA. Unlike most healthcare technology companies, our team combines industry experience with unmatched technical expertise. This allows us to navigate nearly every aspect within a healthcare environment.

Commodity Supplying

Today, we are evolving from our traditional role as an multiple commodities merchant to master more of the food, feed, fiber and ingredients value chain. Through greater vertical integration within our business lines, we aim to secure a seamless, traceable and responsible supply chain from farmers to end-consumers

IR Thermometer Shipped
Surgical Gowns Shipped
Covid 19 Test Kit Shipped
Face Mask 3 Ply Shipped
Face Mask N95 Shipped
Boxes of Disinfectant Wipes Shipped
Pieces of Hand Sanitizer Shipped
Pieces of Portable Mini UV Shipped